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Student Mentor Guide: Academic Planning

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Academic Services and Support

It's important that students arrange to meet with an academic advisor well in advance of registration or application for graduation to avoid delays.  Students must meet with an advisor before attempting to register if they meet any of the following conditions. More detailed information is available at the Academic Advising link below.

  • they are new to TJC
  • have attended TJC less than one year or have less than 24 hours credit
  • have placement test scores below college ready level or a status of non-TSI complete
  • are on academic probation or suspension
  • have a GPA less than 2.0
  • have reached 45 credit hours and must confirm final coursework or applying for graduation
  • confirming course requirements are met for transfer to a university
  • need to change their major

Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides assistance that students might need in order to stay enrolled in college through completeion of their baccalaureate degree.

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