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Open Educational Resources (OER): Open Educational Resources FAQ's

FAQ Open Educational Resources (OER)

Question: What is an Open Educational Resource?

Answer: An Open Educational Resources (OER) is an open educational material that may be used, reused, or remixed (adapted) or reshared. Any one can use these public domain materials or materials with an open license for educational purposes. 

Question: If Open Educational Resources (OER's) can be used at little or no cost how do we know which ones have a cost and which ones have no cost?

Answer: The price is typically indicated on the resource home page or you may see a pricing tag at the top of the page or there may be a subscription price indicated.

Question: Do we have to give credit to the author or creator of the resource?

Answer: Yes, refer to the link above for Creative Commons Licenses for more details.

Question: What if we need assistance finding Open Educational Resources?

Answer: You may find out how to contact the Vaughn Library Staff by using the Contact Us For Help Page in this Subject Guide. 

Question: How do we find Open Educational Resources?

Answer: There are some Open Educational Resources included in this guide. However, this guide does not contain all the Open Educational Resources that are available. Searching the internet and other educational sites may also help one locate Open Educational Resources.