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Learning Framework: Books

Core curriculum course that covers learning theories, strategies and assessment.


eBooks On EBSCOhost

The following list of books on learning styles, theories and models is from eBooks On EBSCOhost, an online database of books in electronic format (ebooks). Select eBooks On EBSCOhost from our collection of databases and execute your own search. Be creative with your search terms to find additional titles on this topic.

  • Perspectives On Thinking, Learning, and Cognitive Styles 2000
  • Individual Learners: Personality Differences In Education 2002
  • Practical Approaches To Using Learning Styles In Higher Education 2000
  • Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: A Guide For Supervisors 2003
  • The Differentiated Classroom: Responding To the Needs of All Learners 1999

Why Learning Styles Are Important

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